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Those of you who follow me closely on social media will be aware that I’ve been beavering away on a new project for a while. On 1st November I got the keys to premises in Uphill Lincoln. 5a Eastgate to be precise, and I’ve been juggling home visit appointments with days of painting walls, building flatpack furniture, measuring and planning, and I’m now starting to see the physical realisations of the visions I’ve carried in my head for such a long time. It’s truly beginning to look like the acupuncture and herbal medicine clinic-shop that I’ve been dreaming of and manifesting, with stocks of herbal teas, ointments, and witchy potions.

Before the pandemic I used to walk past this very shop every day. It was empty for some time and I used to imagine what a wonderful treatment space and herbal shop it would make. Then the lockdowns happened, I closed my city centre clinic, restarted with home visit appointments as a way to keep working safely. That has worked really well and I will continue with home visits one day a week, but I’ve missed having my dedicated space. A ‘random’ search of properties for rent, a viewing, and several Covid obstacles thrown at me then overcome, and now it’s my treatment space and herbal shop. Coincidence, huh?

All in all so far, it’s been a pretty big investment and commitment of my time, energy, money, and soul (I think it’s beneficial for the practitioner’s energy and intention to be totally integral to the treatment space), and although it’s not quite yet ‘treatment’ ready I did get to open up for the Lincoln Christmas Market last weekend and sell some delicious teas (in my book all tea is herbal tea). I was really quite pleased with how I managed to dress the window for the occasion – looks quite sparkly in the dark of a December late afternoon.

There’s still lots to do. I have a plan for the front to be all freshly painted in the spring and meetings arranged to organise the design and installation of lovely new signs. I’m currently working on finding a couple of strong magicians who can transport my rather heavy couch and skilfully ‘post’ the non-bendy large wardrobe shaped block through a 90° turn and into the door shaped hole! 

However, I have already ticked a lot off the list and with a few more days spent there with the DH helping me to finish off just a few more jobs I’m certain it won’t be long before it’s all systems go and fully operational. In fact, the booking system is primed and ready. You can schedule your appointment by following the link at the top of the page. It really will be my pleasure to see you there.

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