5a Eastgate Opening Soon

Those of you who follow me closely on social media will be aware that I’ve been beavering away on a new project for a while. On 1st November I got the keys to premises in Uphill Lincoln. 5a Eastgate to be precise, and I’ve been juggling home visit appointments with days of painting walls, buildingContinue reading “5a Eastgate Opening Soon”


I had my hair cut last week. Nothing particularly significant in that you might think, but that wouldn’t be quite the truth. My Summer was mostly taken up with having and recovering from what became a rather nasty bout of Covid. Most of the details to this are not important for now, except to sayContinue reading “Haircut”


and Welcome. This is where you will find me posting brief snippets about whatever happens to be on my mind. I’m an acupuncturist and herbalist, wife and mother, sister and daughter, friend and colleague, intuitive healer and supporter, and mostly a tea drinking witchy wu. Please say ‘Hi’ and engage with comments because I loveContinue reading “Hello”