Ear Piercing

For some there is a cultural significance to having their ears pierced, for others it’s purely something decorative. Whatever your reasons for wanting to have your ears pierced, and whether it’s your first ear lobe piercing or a later addition, I can help you.

The system I use is the Caflon Safetec system. I choose to use this system because it is safe, hygienic, quiet, smooth, suitable for adults and children*, and it allows me to offer a selection of styles ranging from gold-plated/white stainless hypoallergenic surgical steel to 9ct or 18ct gold studs. All of these studs come packaged in sealed and sterilised cartridges which are untouched and unexposed until the moment they touch your ears. Combined with the clean, calm, comfortable, and compassionate environment of my Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine practice you can be reassured that having your ears pierced with me is a great choice! And of course you will be given full after-care instructions to take home with you and follow for six weeks after your piercing.

It’s usually best to book an appointment a couple of days ahead of time, just to make sure that I will have the widest choice of studs available for you. That said, if you prefer to be spontaneous and you’re happy to take a flyer, there are times when I may be able to accommodate ‘walk-ins’.

Prices for piercing start from £45 and you can book your appointment by clicking the red buttons below…

*There is no legal minimum age requirement for piercing. However, if you are under the age of 16 or booking an appointment for your child who is under 16 I will require an adult to attend with them in order to sign the consent form.

Please be aware that I pierce Ear Lobes only and I do not pierce noses, cartilage, or any other body parts.

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