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Wheat Bag

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These Thermal Phyto-Therapy Pillows (aka wheat bags) are carefully hand made using all natural products. The linen/cotton blend fabric* outer is filled with 100% wheat grain that has been cleaned and graded suitable for this purpose. Heat in your ‘Meecro-Wa-Vay’ then place on your achey bits to gently relieve pain, relax tension, and restore natural balance and flow.

Safety Information: Do not let children microwave unsupervised. Ensure the wheatbag is rotating freely in the microwave. Not for oven or hob use. Do not reheat escessively. Allow the wheatbag to cool completely. Discard the wheatbag if you notice any of the following signs: smell of burning, smoking, or charring, an over-cooked odour. Please follow these instructions as misuse may be hazardous or result in burns or injuries.

To use Hot: Microwave on high for 1 minute. Increase time if necessary to find your ideal setting. Never microwave for more than 3 minutes. Place a cup of water in the microwave while heating your wheat bag to keep the grains hydrated.

When heated it will: 

  • release heat gradually & evenly
  • relieve aches, pain, & joint stiffness
  • relax & relieve aching muscles
  • warm up your bed
  • relieve menstrual pain & cramping
  • reduce & relieve tension
  • provide relaxation & comfort

To use Cold: Place the wheat bag in a plastic bag in the freezer & leave overnight. Remove from the bag when ready to use & apply directly to the area you want to cool. Perfect for a hot day!

When frozen it will:

  • release cool gradually & evenly
  • cool you down on a hot day
  • refresh tired eyes
  • soothe headaches or migraines
  • provide relief from insect bites & stings

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Weight 800 g
Dimensions 22 × 17 × 5 cm


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